Joint Preservation & Arthritis Center

The Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center (JPAC) at NYU Langone’s Center for Musculoskeletal Care is dedicated to advancing conservative treatment of joint-related problems. Our goal is to reduce symptoms, restore function, and delay the onset of degenerative arthritis in active people as well as individuals who want to explore less invasive alternatives to joint replacement. The JPAC provides personalized, multidisciplinary approach to prolong the health of your joints.

As a patient at the Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center, your care will be followed proactively throughout the course of your condition. Careful monitoring of your progress is critical to pinpointing when the next step in the treatment process is needed.

Whether you have injured your ACL and are considering ACL reconstruction or have a long-standing history of osteoarthritis and are thinking about total knee replacement, our physicians will present and weigh surgical and nonsurgical options at clinically and individually-appropriate timeframes. Find out what conditions we treat.

JPAC patients receive a combination of treatment approaches and regimens, including:

  • Specialized imaging, to inform diagnosis and tailored management
  • The latest in surgical and nonsurgical techniques
  • Customized physical therapy regimens
  • Consultation and collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of specialists from Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Adult Reconstruction, and Physical Therapy

Learn more about the conditions we treat and the treatments and techniques we use.


The Center for Musculoskeletal Care is our primary location, but our physicians also see patients at other NYU Langone locations.

Contact Us

To make an appointment with one of our physicians or to learn more about the Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center, please call our dedicated physician referral line at 1-855-777-7863.