Joint Preservation & Arthritis Center

The Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center (JPAC) at the Center for Musculoskeletal Care is dedicated to advancing preservative treatments for joint-related problems. The JPAC aims to reduce symptoms, restore function and delay the onset of degenerative arthritis in people who enjoy having an active lifestyle or, simply prefer to explore less invasive alternatives to joint replacement. At the JPAC, we believe in a personalized, multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to prolonging the health of your joints.

As a patient at the Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center, your care will be followed proactively along the course of your condition. Understanding the limited healing potential of joint cartilage, the providers at the JPAC appreciate that vigilance is vital to preserving your joint and determining precisely when transitioning to the ‘next step’ is warranted.  So whether you have injured your ACL and are thinking about ACL reconstruction, or have a long-standing history of osteoarthritis and are contemplating total knee, shoulder or total hip replacement, the providers at the JPAC will ensure that both non-surgical and surgical techniques are weighed and presented at clinically, and more importantly, individually-appropriate timeframes.

Patients treated at the JPAC are provided with the best opportunity for a symptom-free return through a combination of:

  • Multidisciplinary reviews of patient cases by specialists within Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, Physiatry, Adult Reconstruction, and Physical Therapy
  • Specialized imaging to inform diagnosis and tailor management
  • Advanced non-surgical and surgical techniques
  • Customized physical therapy regimens

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If you are interested in learning more about the JPAC and the treatment options we offer, please contact us by calling our toll-free number, 1-855-777-7863.