Behcet’s Syndrome Center

The Behçet’s Syndrome Centeris the only one of its kind in North America, focusing on the care of vasculitis and other related conditions. The Center is at the forefront nationally of clinical research aimed at understanding the pathophysiology of, and the development of treatment options for, Behçet’s syndrome.

Remote Consultations for Behçet’s Syndrome from New York

Because of the rarity of this inflammatory disease, most rheumatologists and primary care physicians are unable to accumulate enough patients to conduct effective clinical trials. The Behcet’s Syndrome Center has seen over 200 patients with Behcet’s syndrome from 35 states and seven countries. For patients unable to make the trip to New York, the Center works with their local doctors to gather information and provide expert consultation.

To Reach the Behcet’s Syndrome Center

To make an appointment or for more information about CMC’s S Behcet’s Syndrome Center, please call 646-501-7400.

New patients: access patient forms here to complete them before your appointment and save time.

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