Occupational Therapy

CMC’s team of occupational therapists offers a wide range of outpatient rehabilitative programs that enable patients with musculoskeletal conditions to return to their daily tasks and activities with greater independence and mobility. These licensed therapists, as part of the expert Rusk Rehabilitation team, are highly skilled clinicians with advanced degrees and certifications in the areas of orthopaedics, sports medicine rehabilitation, and complex hand injury rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy for Orthopedic, Upper Extremity, and Hand Disorders and Injuries

Our occupational therapists provide rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that include:

  • Sports-related injuries
  • Shoulder pain (such as rotator cuff tears, impingement and instability)
  • Fractures (shoulder to the fingers)
  • Overuse injuries and tendonitis (such as tennis elbow and DeQuervains)
  • Post-operative care (such as tendon and ligament repair)
  • Upper extremity nerve compressions (such as carpal and cubital tunnel)
  • Traumatic hand injuries
  • Joint replacement (from shoulder to the fingers)
  • Non-operative ligamentous injuries (such as finger, wrist, elbow and TFCC injury)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

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Individualized Rehabilitation Programs

Our occupational therapists—in partnership with your referring physician and other CMC specialists, as needed—work one-on-one with patients to evaluate their condition and functioning and develop a comprehensive rehabilitation program. For example, our OT specialists help musicians return to their field of performance by addressing common overuse injuries, such as tendonitis/tendonosis, repetitive stress syndromes and nerve compression.

We also offer a specialized program of ergonomic assessment and treatment, in which we identify and treat risk factors and injuries related to computer, manufacturer and work stations, with a focus on injury prevention.

Additional areas of expertise include sports-specific rehabilitation and custom fabrication of dynamic and static splinting. We collaborate closely with patients and doctors to maximize function in work, sport, and activities of daily living.

Patients also have access to CMC’s Sports Performance Center, offering a seamless transition to higher-level training for individuals who have completed therapy and want to build on the improvements they’ve made.

Trained and Certified Occupational Therapists

Our therapists have extensive training, with advanced degrees and certifications that include Certified Hand Therapist, Active Release Technique, ASTYM, Kinesiotape, and Ergonomics Assessment.

Our clinicians conduct clinical research, publishing their research in scientific journals, and provide evidence-based care. Many also teach at various institutions of higher learning throughout the tri-state area.

State-of-the art equipment

CMC’s 7,200 square-foot therapy gym houses cutting-edge equipment not available at any other center in New York City.

To Reach Occupational Therapy

For more information or to make an appointment for occupational therapy at CMC, call us at 646-501-7077.

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